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Have you ever thought or realized that replacing your valuables can get expensive if it gets stolen? Have you ever gone somewhere and realized that because of what you are doing, you wander, or just casually leave your stuff as you go about your day? It’s happened to me a million times!

Let’s say I’m at a restaurant, and I have my bag- am I really going to take my bag to the restroom? If i’m alone what choice do I have. I can either leave it there, ask a stranger to take keep an eye out, or I can lock it. But, I would probably lock it because according to the FBI, their are 7 Million thefts that were reported in 2018. The number stays, and floats around year per year. What’s it going to cost to have someone dig into my bag and steal my wallet, keys, laptop and go thru the MESS of having to replace everything. Especially if it’s my laptop, which is basically my life.

I believe leveling up our awareness can help us take different inventory audits of our lives. We coast thru this thing called life sometimes, but we should always be prepared for things that can go wrong, like the example above getting our stuff stolen. I truly believe that people are always watching, and not because I’m paranoid, but because It’s true. People notice things that you’re so used to, it could be someone else’s treasure. What do you think?


How safe are you?

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