Utility MetricLock


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20 Fingerprint Hold
8 Month Battery Life
Anti-Cut, Saw, Water and Fire Proof
Perfect for anything Outdoors, Cargo, etc
Think about all the things you try to keep safe outside of your home. Your gate, garage, storage, and other valuables. We’ve created a set of brand new utility padlocks that can keep all of your belongings safe.
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13 / 100
Military Grade. Weather Proof. HIGH TECH!
Made for the toughest outdoor weather conditions. Our utility locks works against harsh environments: Water, Salt, Fog, Heat, Static. Originally used to protect logistics traveling containers, banks, storage units, now available to you!
You get the peace of mind of not having to worry about having access to your valuables. Our utility locks don’t vibrate either, so you’ll be able to travel with it like our trucking, shipping containers, or delivery clients.
Fingprint Unlock
Store up to 20 fingerprints. No more keys or codes! EVER! 99.98% fingerprint recognition rate and 0.5 second unlock.
Durable Brass
Made of Durable Brass that is ANTI Cut, Saw, Water, Freeze, & Fire Proof!  Military Grade Alloy for our Shackle.
8 Month Battery Life
Battery after ONLY ONE CHARGE- 3000 Unlocks, or 8 months of Battery Hold!