Metriclock SmartSAK’


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Really, this backpack is an Anti-Theft, Water Resistance, Polyester, Fingerprint Lock, Laptop Bag WITH a USB Charging Port!

Did you know that the FBI reported over 7 million property related thefts in 2018! This can easily be prevented with simple, on the go devices like our smartlocks, but….
Now were introducing our Metriclock SmartSAK’- (meaning smart backpack) that can secure your belongings on the go!
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Phone Charge. Fingerprint Lock. Saftey Cord!
Fingprint Unlock
Store up to 40 fingerprints and protect what’s actually inside your belongings!
Safe Attachments
Ability to lock zipper so no one access your belongings. As well as a rope attached to fingerprint area to secure around chair, pole, etc.
Life long battery!
You never have to charge your backpack! Even as you charge your phone.

SmartSAK’ All-In-One Protection. Stylish, yet secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Metriclock Backpack is the made from the highest quality materials so you can look your best, feel your best, and be protected- by the best!
 Is it Waterproof?
Yes, our backpack is made by a polyester material that is waterproof.
 What kind of laptop does it fit?
Our backpack can hold a laptop from 14″-15.6″!
 What exactly does it do?
The backpack has a traditional zipper like all backpacks do. However, towards the end of where the zipper starts, it holds the zipper like a lock. Once locked, the persons registered fingerprint is able to unlock the zipper to gain access to belongings. Watch the video above for more details!
 How many fingerprints can I register?
You can register up to 40 fingerprints! 40!