Original MetricLock Set of 3


$79.99 07

  • Store up to 10 Fingerprints!
  • One Charge- 6 Month Hold.
  • Perfect for Gym Bags & Lockers

Savings of $25!



Water-Proof Design

In case you dropped it in water, your device is safe. You won’t ever have to worry about malfunctions or not being able to use it and unlock.

Using The Most Advanced Technology To Date.

Fingerprint Unlocking

State-of-the-art biometric fingerprint sensor allows unlocking in under 0.5 seconds. Easily stores 10-15 unique fingerprints so you can share with friends or family.

No longer will you have to remember keys or combos when at the gym or traveling.

BlueTooth Access

Share Bluetooth access remotely with other users via the MetricLock App. It can also be tracked via the app so you can see where it is at all times. Never again will you worry about your belongings being stolen or lost. (Metric Smartlock Only)

6 Month Battery Life Per Charge

You can check remaining power using the MetricLock app.
Using our app from the App Store or Play Store, your lock profiles will show the battery percentage remaining on the lock. (METRIC SMARTLOCK ONLY)
MetricLock blinks red when power is below 10%.
In case it does run out, an 8 second charge using any portable battery pack will awaken the MetricLock. (METRICLOCK AND METRIC MINI)

Superior Cut Resistance

Made with the same aluminum/zinc alloy material used for an F-16 Fighter Jet and NASA’S Spacecraft so no matter what you’re safe and all your personal belongings are secure with this impenetrable lock


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