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Here are just a few more reasons why people are switching to MetricLock:

  • Fits in any bag​so you won’t need to carry around bulky locks.
  • Conveniently unlock it with the click of your finger!
  • High quality and lightweight so you can enjoy the comfort of feeling secure knowing your items are protected.
  • I mean really, all of your friends will want to know where to get our Metric BikeLock!

Discover The Benefits.

Using The Most Advanced Technology To Date.

Fingerprint Unlocking

State-of-the-art biometric fingerprint sensor allows unlocking in under 1 second. Easily stores 20 unique fingerprints so you can share with friends or family.

No longer will you have to remember keys or combos when at the gym or traveling.

6 Month Battery Life Per Charge

You can check remaining battery life when the bike lock blinks red when power is below 10%. In case it does run out, just charge it and you’ll be good as new!

Quality Stainless Steel

Made with the same steel material used for a New York Subway and Commercial Airplane so no matter what you’re safe and all your personal belongings are secure with this impenetrable lock.

Water-Proof Design

In case you dropped it in water, your device is safe.

We get sometimes it rains too, and your bike is outside. But don’t worry, it will be working just fine! You won’t ever have to worry about malfunctions or not being able to use it and unlock.
Hear From Those That Already Have Our Products!
“I chose Metriclock as the winner in our ‘2 Minute Drill’ competition because the product is just amazing. I could see this being used every where! Lockers, Gyms, Country Clubs, at the airport when I travel…”
David Meltzer
Entrepreneur, Author, & Speaker
“… MetricLock ‘is not’ a money-making venture, but a concrete solution to a problem… ‘wanting’ to make people’s lives better and safer, and MetricLock is doing its best to pave the way for transforming the security industry.”
Dylan Kivo
Editor in Chief- The New York Weekly
“I honestly couldn’t wait to try this product. It is really one the greatest pieces of technology ever invented! After getting many things stolen, this was a lifesaver.”
“IronHead” Gallon
Former Saftey- Arizona Cardinals
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