How to convert Sales

New Ambassadors

After Ambassador register please check your spam or junk folder. Be sure to have a PayPal account for payout if you do not have PayPal account please go to

  1. Register an account
  2. Sign in to your account when you are signed in you have access to your dashboard.
  3. Review your referral URL and you have the option to share that URL and also you can create product or Pages referrals URL.s
  4. Creating other URL for product or pages.
  5. Go to homepage or any product or click on any product copy URL or the product that’s listed on this page go back to ambassador area paste the URL in the open field that titles page URL then copy the generated URL and share it on social media, text messages, or for Quick Navigation for your customers.

After registering your account you are given what’s called a URL Ambassador link and referral link, it should look like this,

(example)  )
This should appear on your dashboard page after signing in to copy this link.

Navigate on website to homepage or specified products “URL”

 This link is made of three parts. And In which on your Ambassador area login dashboard page you will have a generator URL location to create other URLs  for you. When you go anywhere else on the site, copy any picture, page, or product URL in the top search bar. Go back to Ambassador’s area to place the URL in the generator field which is called page referral.  This is a link to a ambassador / referral URL to the homepage of the website


 This is a direct link for what pages I want my customers to land on. Created this link by going to the product you want to promote. Click on the product picture and then, go to the top the page to copy the URL

(example)    |   bap-xx/albertadmin1/

Copy and paste this link that is at the top of my page referral open field on my dashboard, the generator then creates another URL for me to copy  and send to my customers or on social media.

Commission payouts

Use these tools to get Commission share your URL’s and your pages create blogs daily and receive Commission.

 Dashboard Control

 This is where all the magic happens for  ambassadors to convert online sales, these tools are specially put together and tested.  After your application is accepted, you will have full access


Ambassadors Landing Pages .

Allows you to create dedicated landing pages for yourself. Ambassadors can promote without using an Ambassadors link. Create and assign a dedicated landing page, it makes it even more effective to earn more Commission.