The future is now with new leading technology to keep your Bike secure

Metriclock Bike


From the Bluetooth capabilities real time tractable lock’s for securing a set of bikes to securing high-profile commercial locations, the MetricLock can handle the very serious job of protecting and securing around the clock. Consider one of our trusted many MetricLocks to help you keep any intruder out of places and spaces that they should never be, today.

Military Grade. Weather Proof. HIGH TECH!

fingerprint Unlock
Store up to 20 fingerprints. No more keys or codes! EVER! 99.98% fingerprint recognition rate and 0.5 second unlock.

Durable Brass
Made of Durable Brass that is ANTI Cut, Saw, Water, Freeze, & Fire Proof!  Military Grade Alloy for our Shackle.

8 Month Battery Life
Battery after ONLY ONE CHARGE- 3000 Unlocks, or 8 months of Battery Hold!

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The Metric BikeLock is a convenient portable SmartLock that combines advanced features with the enhanced security of the Fingerprint Scanner. It’s easier than ever to connect to your bike and or your portable transportation. The best part is you control your lock with your finger! Free yourself from the hassles of lost keys, getting locked out, not remembering codes or having to hide away spare keys. YOUR FINGER IS THE KEY.

The Metric BikeLock uses state of the art high-tech chips for faster fingerprint processing to make unlocking more convenient so that you can access your valuables. Also is waterproof!

You’re also able to connect our Metric Bike Lock to your phone for bluetooth connectivity to unlock.


Easily store up to 15 fingerprints

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This Metric BikeLock can go with you ANYWHERE to protect the valuable transportation you work hard for. Our durable stainless steel material is made to last for even the worst types of break ins, made with your valuable transportation in mind.