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At MetricLock, we offer the type of keyless
 security locks that can cover almost any kind of situation. It’s the state-of-the-art security that you need to have that special peace of mind, 24/7.

 Our locks have 

special mechanisms to help you apply those key security methods to your special situation. Some of the security features that our clients rely on include user recognition intelligence. It’s also essential that you can access any secure location with one of our trusty MetricLocks while keeping the bad guys out. You can depend on securing any area with MetricLocks. Spend very little time getting the MetricLock setup and ready to secure the doors of a facility, warehouse, storage unit, etc.


In addition to the three payment options available under the MetricLock Ambassador Premier program, you can also choose from the SMBAC pro, the Social Media Brand Ambassador Pro, and the Ambassador Enterprise training option. Consider one of the MetricLocks programs today

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Metriclock is a security product that can be used at any time and almost anywhere choose of our many lock sizes to get the at most Security in addition to our clients and stakeholders having Peace of Mind knowing that their metric lock Smart Lock technology for you to protect your most sensitive and valuable items.